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What's fun about climbing?

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First asked   Nov 20, 2022,
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Nov 20, 2022

Climbing is a lot of fun and attractive to many people seeking a new hobby or simply to get into a new sport because it is a sport that doesn't require much gear, or even strength, and provides both a physical challenge and a mental challenge.

To be a good climber and to progress in the sport, you do not necessarily have to be very strong. Having good technique, and a good understanding about climbing, about your strengths, and about your climbing style, can give you a great advantage while climbing.

This basically means that anyone who is physically capable can start climbing. You don't have to be strong, you don't have to have previous experience in other sports or at lifting weights. Though those things can help a lot, they are not required, and strength will build as you climb. Understanding climbing and developing good technique can compensate for less physical strength.

Climbing is also a great mental activity and challenge. In bouldering, for example, each route is also known as a problem, the climber must understand the problem and solve it using just their body. This means that they need to understand how the route can be climbed, and how to adapt that solution to their body, or to find a solution that will fit their capabilities.

Very often, the better solution to solving the problem will not be the more powerful solution that requires a lot of strength, but rather, it will be the solution that requires great technique. Though, it can be a combination of having great technique, strength, flexibility, and experience.

So what is fun about climbing is that it really isn't just a physical sport that requires you to be very strong. It is very much a mental challenge as much as it is a physical challenge. So for those who love sports and puzzles, climbing can be a lot of fun.

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