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until when did you use beginner climbing shoes?

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First asked   Sep 27, 2022,
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Sep 27, 2022

The shoes I used in the beginning were relatively very cheap, and very basic, very beginner level. I used them for 6 months until I basically had to get new ones because they were full of holes and the rubber was almost non-existent.

I will say though that I am happy I bought those shoes. They were cheap, and I believe that any pair of shoes that I would have bought would have been destroyed as well, since when I started climbing I had no knowledge or experience in climbing, so my technique was awful, which caused the shoes to get ruined much quicker.

Also, just to point this out since the question may refer to the grade at which the beginner shoes were swapped with more advanced ones, I climbed in those beginner shoes with all of the holes until I could do a few v6's, and I only climbed indoor boulders.

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