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what are the different types of climbing?

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There are several different types of climbing, each with its own characteristics and challenges. They include:

  • Bouldering: Climbing shorter routes, typically without ropes, on large boulders or low-lying cliffs. It focuses on powerful moves, technique, and problem-solving skills.
  • Sport Climbing: Ascending routes equipped with permanent anchors (bolts) for protection. Climbers use ropes and quickdraws to clip into the bolts as they climb.
  • Traditional (Trad) Climbing: Placing and removing removable gear, such as cams and nuts, as you climb. It requires technical skills to protect yourself and the route.
  • Top Rope Climbing: Climbing while being securely attached to a rope that runs from the climber, up through an anchor at the top of the route, and back down to a belayer at the bottom.
  • Multi-pitch Climbing: Ascending longer routes that are divided into multiple pitches. Each pitch is a section of climbing between two anchor points.
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