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Are bouldering shoes different to climbing shoes?

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First asked   Jan 25, 2023,
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Jan 25, 2023

Bouldering shoes are a reference to a type of climbing shoe that is meant for bouldering. While any type of climbing shoe can be used for any form of climbing, some shoes are made with a specific form of climbing in mind.

For example, bouldering shoes are normally more aggressive, meaning, they are bent downwards in the middle, and are usually slightly twisted towards the big toe. These attributes provide the climber with more support and the ability to exert extra force from the toes, while also giving them potential advantages on steep overhanging routes.

Flatter shoes are used more for longer routes, such as sport climbing, trad climbing, and multi-pitch routes. Climbing these types of routes while wearing flat shoes gives the climber better support in their feet, which means that their feet will not get as tired as they would in aggressive climbing shoes.

Of course, there is no rule when it comes to which shoes to wear and for which form of climbing. You can wear what ever you feel will help you get through the route the most.

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