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What state has the best rock climbing?

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First asked   Oct 1, 2022,
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Dec 7, 2022

California is home to some of the greatest climbing destinations in the USA and in the word. Such places include Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Bishop, and The Needles. All of which are immensely popular climbing destinations for all types of climbing, including Bouldering, Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, and of course, maybe very much thanks to Alex Honnald, Free-soloing. Though free-soloing was popular before, the documentary Free-Solo about Alex Honnald really gave this form of climbing, and the location, a boost in popularity.

In addition to California, there are other states and climbing destinations that are as popular as California, such as:
Red Rock, Nevada
Indian Creek, Utah
Zion National Par, Utah
Index, Washington State

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