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Is it better to climb with others or alone?

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First asked   Sep 26, 2022,
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Jun 1

Whether it's better to climb with others or alone depends on personal preference and individual goals. Here are some considerations for both options:

Climbing with Others:

  • Motivation and Support: Climbing with others can provide motivation, encouragement, and a sense of camaraderie. Sharing the experience with like-minded individuals can push you to try harder and achieve your climbing goals.
  • Skill Sharing and Learning: Climbing with more experienced climbers can offer opportunities to learn new techniques, share knowledge, and receive feedback on your climbing. It can accelerate your progress and help you improve your skills.
  • Safety: Having a climbing partner can enhance safety by providing belaying and spotting, and offering assistance in case of any emergencies.

Climbing Alone:

  • Independence and Flexibility: Climbing alone allows you to have complete control over your climbing session, including choosing the routes, pace, and intensity. You can focus on your own goals and climb at your preferred schedule without relying on others.
  • Self-Reflection and Concentration: Climbing alone can provide a quieter and more introspective experience. It allows you to focus solely on your climbing, technique, and personal growth without distractions.
  • Problem-Solving and Self-Reliance: Climbing alone can enhance problem-solving skills as you navigate routes and challenges independently. It can build self-reliance and confidence in your abilities.

Ultimately, the choice between climbing with others or alone is subjective. Some climbers may thrive in a social and collaborative environment, while others prefer the solitude and freedom of climbing solo.

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Aug 11

This is a really general question. It depends on a few things:

  1. Why kind of climbing are you referring to?
    If its bouldering, then you can climb on your own, but if sport climbing, then you require one more person to belay you.

  2. Why are you climbing?
    Assuming the reference is to bouldering, then the question is why you are climbing. If you are climbing to just detach your mind from the day and to just be physically active, then yea, you could climb alone, and it may be better also if you just don't want to deal with people.
    On the other hand, if you are bouldering with the goal of improving, then I would say both options are important for your progress. Climbing with other people, especially those that climb better than you, can really give you more insight into climbing, more ideas, betas, experience, and just more growth in general. Climbing alone is still important in my opinion though because it's when you are alone that you can actually practice all that you have learned with others.

That's my take on climbing with people vs climbing alone.

Extra point:
I personally find it quite hard to have a proper bouldering session with some friends. Instead of climbing hard routes, we end up just messing around.

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