is core strength more important than back strength?

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First asked   Sep 26, 2022,
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Feb 14, 2023

As a seasoned climber, I can tell you that both core strength and back strength are crucial for climbing performance, but they serve slightly different purposes.

Core strength is essential for maintaining body tension and control on the wall. It helps you stabilize your body and transfer energy efficiently through your limbs, allowing you to climb more efficiently and with better balance. A strong core also helps to reduce the risk of injury and can improve overall climbing endurance.

Back strength, on the other hand, is important for pulling and lifting your body weight. A strong back helps you engage your shoulders, arms, and upper body more effectively, allowing you to perform difficult moves and hold difficult body positions. It also helps prevent back injuries and improves overall posture, which is essential for climbing.

While both core and back strength are important, developing a strong core should be a priority for any climber. By doing specific core exercises such as planks, sit-ups, and leg raises, you can build the stability and control needed for efficient climbing. However, it's important to maintain a balance between both types of strength and incorporate exercises that target your back muscles as well.

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