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How do you shake out while climbing?

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First asked   Oct 1, 2022,
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When you shake out while climbing, you're essentially taking a brief rest to recover and alleviate fatigue in your muscles. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Find a good hold: Look for a secure and comfortable handhold or foothold where you can hang on and relax your grip.

  2. Relax your muscles: While holding onto the chosen hold, consciously relax your muscles, particularly in your forearms, fingers, and shoulders. This helps reduce tension and allows for better blood flow.

  3. Extend your arms: Straighten your arms to transfer some of your weight onto the hold. This helps relieve strain on your muscles and joints.

  4. Loosen your grip: Loosen your grip on the hold slightly to reduce the strain on your fingers and forearms. However, be sure to maintain enough grip to stay secure on the hold.

  5. Shake out: Start gently shaking your arms and hands to promote blood circulation and alleviate any lactic acid buildup. You can shake them up and down, side to side, or in a circular motion.

  6. Control your breathing: Take deep breaths to help relax your body and oxygenate your muscles. Focus on slow, steady inhalation and exhalation.

  7. Time your shake out: Shake out for a short period, usually around 10-15 seconds. Don't let it become a long break, as the goal is to recover without losing momentum.

  8. Continue climbing: Once you feel refreshed and your muscles are less fatigued, resume climbing. Maintain your focus and rhythm as you progress up the route.

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