can you wear glasses while bouldering?

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First asked   Sep 29, 2022,
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Jun 2

You can wear glasses while bouldering, and many climbers choose to do so. It's important to ensure that your glasses fit securely on your face to prevent them from slipping or falling off during dynamic movements. Using a sports strap or retainer can help keep your glasses in place. Additionally, consider wearing glasses with impact-resistant lenses or exploring options for protective eyewear to keep your eyes safe during close contact with the rock. Keep in mind that climbing can be a physically demanding activity, and your glasses may fog up due to perspiration. To minimize fogging, you can use anti-fog wipes or sprays. If wearing glasses becomes too cumbersome, you may also consider using contact lenses as an alternative. Ultimately, find the option that provides the best balance of comfort, vision, and safety for your bouldering sessions.

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