what is a good exercise for technique?

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First asked   Sep 26, 2022,
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One excellent exercise for improving climbing technique is "quiet feet." This exercise focuses on developing precise footwork and body control while climbing.

To practice quiet feet, choose a route or boulder problem within your comfort zone. As you climb, consciously make an effort to place your feet on the holds gently and quietly, minimizing any unnecessary noise or foot dragging.

The goal is to land each foot on the hold accurately and maintain a solid connection with the wall throughout the movement. This exercise promotes better balance, body positioning, and the development of more efficient movement patterns.

By practicing quiet feet, you enhance your ability to find and use the optimal footholds, which is crucial for maintaining balance and conserving energy while climbing. It also trains your body to be more aware of foot placements and to execute movements with precision.

Incorporate the quiet feet exercise into your climbing sessions regularly, focusing on smooth and controlled footwork. With consistent practice, you'll gradually improve your technique, leading to better climbing performance on a variety of routes and problems.

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