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Should you try and break an intended beta and also climb the intended way?

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First asked   Sep 28, 2022,
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Jun 2

In rock climbing, it is absolutely acceptable to explore different beta and find alternative ways to climb a route or problem. Trying different sequences and experimenting with beta is a common practice and can be a valuable learning experience. It allows climbers to discover new techniques, adapt to their strengths, and find creative solutions to challenges.

While the intended beta provided by route setters can serve as a helpful guide, it is not a strict rule that must be followed. Climbers often bring their own unique skills, body types, and preferences to the climb, and finding personalized beta can be part of the enjoyment and growth in the sport.

So, feel free to try out different beta and find the method that works best for you. Climbing is an individual journey, and exploring different approaches can enhance your skills and make the sport more rewarding.

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