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What is the meaning of Alle?

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First asked   Oct 1, 2022,
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In the context of climbing, the term "allez" is often used as a form of encouragement or motivation. It is derived from the French language, where "allez" translates to "go" or "come on."

When climbers say "allez," it is a way of cheering on a fellow climber, urging them to continue their ascent, or to give their best effort. It's a vocal expression of support and encouragement, typically used during challenging or strenuous sections of a climb. Hearing "allez" can help climbers stay focused, boost their confidence, and inspire them to push through difficulties.

The usage of "allez" in climbing is not limited to French-speaking climbers or regions. It has become a widely adopted term within the climbing community, serving as a rallying cry to motivate and uplift climbers during their climbs.

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